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The Immunology, Rheumatology, Allergy and Rare Diseases Unit is dedicated to the care of adult patients with systemic rheumatic and autoimmune diseases, in all their manifestations, from the most frequent to the rarest ones. It is one of the largest references centres operating in the Lombardy region for the diagnosis, therapy, and research of diseases of rheumatological and immunopathological interest, as well as, rare diseases with immuno-mediated pathogenesis.
The Unit actively participates in several clinical trials, thus offering potential novel therapeutic opportunities to patients with complicated diseases unable to achieve remission with conventional treatments.

In order to provide the best standard of care possible, the Unit is organized by disease-specific clinics that allow for the development of considerable and targeted experience on specific rheumatic and immunological conditions. This organization optimizes efforts to provide the best possible assistance and allows important synergies for clinical research, encouraging the acquisition of new information on the various conditions and accelerating the implementation of new therapies. The Unit also has a dedicated clinic for women with a rheumatic or immunologic disease, who are pregnant or are want to plan a pregnancy, in order to help them in face and treat the unique challenges that they encounter during pregnancy.

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  • Video capillaroscopy
  • Articular Ultrasound with Power-Doppler
  • Fully equipped state-of-the-art infusion room for the administration of biologic drugs and advanced treatments

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Lorenzo Dagna

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