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Teaching and learning at UniSR
The Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (UniSR) was inaugurated in 1996, characterized since its beginning by a strong integration of teaching and research.
Despite its young age, UniSR is a renowned reference in the field of university education, as one of the top academic institutions in Italy.

THE Young University Ranking 2019 places UniSR #23 among the Young universities in the world; according to QS World University Rankings 2021 UniSR ranks among the top 10 Italian universities and #1 as a free university. Each department is a complex structure that includes, other than the undergraduate and graduate courses, research centers, doctoral schools and masters. 

The University is part of the San Donato Group, as well as being among the founding members (and the only Italian in the list) of the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA), the strategic alliance that gathers together the leading university hospitals in their own countries, sharing their expertise in healthcare, research and education.

UniSR's Mission

The core of UniSR’s Mission remains its attention regarding the essential dimensions of the human being: body, mind and spirit (studied by the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Philosophy, respectively) and, therefore, the will to answer the question “Quid est homo?” (“What is mankind?”), strongly believing that the human kind is biologically, psychologically and spiritually unique.

In line with the evolution of the expectations of its main stakeholders and as a consequence of the importance attributed to knowledge as a resource for individual and community life, the University summarizes in the “Innovating through knowledge” principle its main promise of value.

Degree programmes and courses 

UniSR offers a variety of Degree Programmes pertaining to the three Faculties: Medicine and Surgery, Psychology, Philosophy. Our University also offers English-taught courses such as Biotechnology and Medical Biology; International Medical Doctor Program; Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs; Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication


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International education 

The International Office is the referent for activities linked to the Internationalization strategies of UniSR; from Orientation and International Student recruitment to managing cooperation agreements and joint programs, from the Erasmus+ Programme and other Exchange initiatives to International Student Help desk.  

The International Office is the first contact for foreign students coming to UniSR. It offers support to foreign students when registering to the competitions for admission, obtaining the Study Visa for coming to Italy or the residence permit once enrolled. It also offers general assistance during their permanence in Italy and UniSR. Our office gives assistance to UniSR students for organizing curricular activities abroad such as exchange programs, Tailored Activites and Thesis Internships also through the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities VSLO of which UniSR is Home Institution. 


A Campus at the heart of Europe 

UniSR is based in Milan, the most international Italian city, where every year thousands of international students decide to live and study. International services and facilities are being empowered every day as Milan turns into the international capital of Italy well connected to all of the most important Italian and foreign cities through high speed trains, low cost and international airline companies in three different airports. The area where the UniSR Campus is located is well connected with public transportation to the city center. 

The UniSR Campus is close to suburban municipalities and residential areas surround the site offering nice neighborhoods with lots of parks and green areas. A unique campus, offering an unrivalled position for a medical school in the heart of a hospital and research complex with all facilities at a walking distance. 

UniSR offers not only a space to study and practice teaching at once: students also have the opportunity to live the Campus! The UniSR Campus is a community for students: functional residences, cultural proposals, sports activities, opportunities for solidarity and commitment. Living the Campus means being part of a community where spaces and services are created to suit students: to stimulate interest, to cultivate passions, to grow through a complete training and stimulating human experiences. The Campus environment is built on the student’s centrality and the valorization of his talents and potentials. 

With the very latest teaching facilities and with a friendly atmosphere the campus offers something for everyone! 


Live the UniSR Campus 

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