Lifestyle Program

Our Mission: Importance of prevention tomorrow’s healthcare 

By now, it has been widely recognised that in order to live longer and better, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle complemented by a well-balanced diet. However, maintaining this lifestyle is not always easy.

For the first time in history, new generations may spend more years in bad health than their parents. The main cause for this is: overweight, obesity and diabetes. The only way to combat this phenomenon is to prevent and educate new generations to lead a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Various European studies have shown that every euro invested in prevention saves the National Healthcare System significantly more in the long-term. It is, therefore, impossible to think of tomorrow’s healthcare in Italy without giving a central role to prevention.

Being a pioneer in the healthcare sector and with this objective in mind, in 2009, the San Donato Hospital Group launched the EAT project - a teen nutrition education that focuses its attention on the theme of sustainable nutrition, both for the body and for the environment.

The Foundation of the San Donato Group, together with GSD’s physicians, have thus entered the schools to talk to children in their place of learning, raising awareness of a healthy diet and promoting physical activity.

Given the excellent results, obtained and verified by a scientific study, Project EAT has therefore become not only a program aimed at teenagers, but is also a project of food education aimed at everyone and an important part of San Donato’s corporate culture, able to make people understand the importance of nutritious food and choosing good-quality products, extending to everyone who is willing to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

EAT Objectives 

  • Prevention: promoting sustainability principles for the planet and for our health;
  • Food education: understanding the nutritional basics and consciously choosing healthier foods;
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle: being physically active and avoiding potentially dangerous food additives;
  • Scientific validity: our work is validated with extensive studies and has been published internationally;
  • Multidisciplinary approach: many doctors and professionals provide their knowledge to help enrich and update EAT continuously;
  • Balanced Nutrition: EAT has developed a new tool for healthy eating – the balanced plate.