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GKSD Healthcare Management Co. is a part of GKSD, a holding company with a diversified portfolio, present in multiple sectors.

It aims at spreading its holistic, innovative and yet culturally aware approach to clinical treatment integrated in an ecosystem of the patient centred care.

GKSD Healthcare Management Co. unites two core visions, one of which is a patient centred healthcare model of GSD and a strong belief in a fundamental human right of an affordable healthcare of GK Investment Holding Group.

Our vision

At GKSD Healthcare Management Co. we believe that to grant the universal access to healthcare services, a paradigm shift has to take place. We aim to work towards a world where national healthcare systems are given top priority. 

GKSD Healthcare Management Co. was established to boost national and international profile of Groups’ core activities in the field of healthcare provision and hospital support services. 

A successful healthcare system today shall encompass and manage within its structure orbiting services and perimeter companies directly involved in the provision of healthcare and hospital support services that are agile enough to constantly adapt to the changing patients’ care needs.

An efficient healthcare model

The state of a country’s healthcare system is a direct indicator of its economic strength; therefore, an efficient healthcare model is essential to the general health of the nation. 
We aim to change the way healthcare is delivered by promoting the successful model adopted by GSD that integrates private healthcare provision with the public health system. By adopting a hybrid healthcare model all members of the population can gain access to cutting-edge healthcare services. Such model also meets the pressing need for new treatments, new procedures, innovative technology and more efficient pathways that ensure every patient receives the best possible care. 

GKSD Healthcare Management Co. recognizes the peer sharing of innovative scientific R&D and medical skills as the fundamental driver of the healthcare industry. In order to meet current healthcare needs through innovative treatment, we must share clinical and technical expertise to facilitate the rapid development of state-of-the-art technology and training programs. GKSD Healthcare Management Co. will disseminate medical, technical, legal and managerial consultancy know-how in order to deliver targeted healthcare services to patients around the globe. 

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