Work at Gruppo San Donato

At the San Donato Group we take care of people: not only of patients, but also of all those who, together, make up the largest Italian hospital group.

Our corporate values, Humanity, Sustainability, and Innovation, are at the center of our daily work and the working environment that you will find in GSD.

Focus on people and their well-being

We place Humanity at the center of our work and we care about the well-being of our employees, inside and outside the office. We are committed to take care of the people who work with us, with inclusiveness, without distinction and discrimination. We made available for our employees:

  • internal canteen with calibrated menus designed by our experts from the EAT project
  • possibility of smartworking
  • facilitated access to health services
  • facilitated access to sports facilities

We also have discounts in restaurants, bars and shops, agreements and partnerships with car sharing and car pooling companies.

Innovation and growth

We are convinced that research and innovation are the ways for a sustainable growth of GSD and of the people who work there, in a context that changes quickly as well as Healthcare itself and the way people work.

We promote the adoption of technological solutions both in healthcare and science, and of smart processes and IT products to support all areas of work.

Together with the sustainable growth of our reality, we foster the professional growth of our people with defined career paths and feedback culture that we promote internally.


We promote sustainable growth not only for the environment, but also for people. We create sustainable and welcoming environments, we are committed to ensuring and adopting the best solutions compatible with the environment and people's lives.

Work with us

Joining our Group means embarking on a path of personal and professional development in which Innovation, Humanity and Sustainability are the guiding values. We are looking for enthusiastic people, who have a proactive approach to work, sincerely interested in the world of Healthcare and ready to get involved in a dynamic and stimulating context!

If you are an Italian practitioner visit a dedicated page Work with us.

Gruppo San Donato gives equal opportunities to foreign doctors residing either abroad or in Italy. A full-time collaboration contract, visa support, accommodation and professional qualification recognition is offered for medical specialties within Gruppo San Donato.
In order to forward your application download and fill the form, send it together with your CV to