Covid-19: information for patients and visitors

Since the beginning of the health emergency, Gruppo San Donato has contributed to its management. Continuity of care for urgent and emerging pathologies continues to be guaranteed, while elective hospitalization activities are regulated according to the evolution of the epidemic.

Safe hospital

Before hospitalization in any GSD facility:

  • the patient will be contacted by our medical staff to evaluate clinical and epidemiological conditions suspected of risk of SARS-CoV-2 contagion;
  • diagnostic oropharyngeal swab is carried out to identify the most suitable and safe logistical and clinical  path.

Hospital access rules

As per the Decree of the Minister of Health of 22 June 2021 entitled "Further urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 in the "white zone" (GU General Series n.148 of 23-06-2021 ), the obligation to wear respiratory protection devices persists in all outdoor areas of GSD healthcare facilities.

We therefore invite patients & visitors to wear FPP2 mask also in all outdoor spaces.

In compliance with the provisions issued by the Lombardy Region General Welfare Directorate on the containment of the epidemic, Gruppo San Donato informs visitors the following:

  • it is mandatory to wear the surgical mask to access the hospital for any type of service, carefully covering the nose and mouth and, in the case in which a mask with the outflow valve is used, it is necessary to change it with a surgical mask;
  • body temperature is checked at the entrance (visitors, carers and patients);
  • access to critical areas is currently not allowed;
  • access for visitors to non-COVID care departments is regulated by the protocol edited by the Health Department according to current regulations. 

Finally, we remind you that all patients must have a valid identity document as well as a health card (tessera sanitaria).

Access rules for accompanying persons

With reference to Resolution RL N ° XI / 5181 Session of 06/09/2021, and in compliance with the indications of the health management of GSD, access is allowed to the waiting rooms and non-sanitary common areas of the hospital to carers of patients NOT affected by COVID-19 with a Green Pass.

Please note that carers of patients with disabilities certified in accordance with Law no. 104/1992, are not subject and bound to Green Pass to access and stay in health facilities.

The carers of patients in possession of the recognition of disability with connotation of gravity are allowed to provide non-medical assistance, in compliance with the indications of the health management of the structure, also:

  • in the waiting rooms of the emergency departments;
  • at the reception;
  • in the emergency department;
  • in hospital departments.

In addition, in order to facilitate access and facilitate any hospitalization in the facility for particular categories of patients, in compliance with the rules laid down by the health management, they will be able to provide non-health care in COVID-free areas:

  • a companion of a minor patient;
  • a companion of a pregnant woman even in the phase of labor and post-partum;
  • a carer / caregiver / patient with defined clinical or socio-assistance conditions of particular commitment (example: patient at the end of life, elderly person, presence of language barriers, etc.), who must perform outpatient services (including Emergency room) or intended for hospitalizations (ordinary or diurnal cycle) and in need of non-medical assistance.

When the need for assistance requires a continuous or prolonged presence of the carer, access to the above categories can only take place in the presence of a Green Pass (with the exception of carers of patients with certified disabilities).

Access of COVID areas by visitors is not allowed

The health management of GSD facilities takes all necessary measures to prevent possible transmission of infection.

Who cannot access the hospital

Access of GSD facilities is restricted if one of the following conditions applies:

  • person is subjected to the quarantine measures required by law, except for the execution of control swabs;
  • in the last few days person has experienced or are still experiencing symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, sore throat, headache) or body temperature higher than 37.5 ° C;
  • you have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 (unless you are cured and recognized as such by the health authority).

How to book safely

To book safely your visit at any facilities of Gruppo San Donato you may contact us via email , program a Call me back, or fill out the Request an appointment.