For healthcare professionals

Referral program


Join our Referral Program: Take part in delivering tomorrow’s healthcare services.
The GSD International Patients Office is a single-entry point for patients, doctors and healthcare facilitators. We always aim at taking care of the Patient’s situation from every angle: offering excellent medical services, giving constant psychological support to the Patient and his/her family, educating them, and providing the continuity of care. 

To refer a patient to GSD, please fill in our online request form. You then will be contacted by the International Patients Office as soon as possible.  

See the list of  medical departments at each GSD facility


Training program


GSD professionals deliver high quality, focused trainings to doctors and healthcare professionals in various medical fields, as well as on organizational and management aspects of running a hospital. 

The training courses can be completed with observational or practical internships of various durations, offered at GSD facilities. 

All training courses are organized and managed by GSD Healthcare - San Donato Hospital Group’s international training company, located in Dubai (formal teachings) or at the GSD facilities (formal teaching, observational, and practical periods), and typically have a duration of 2-5 days for trainings, and from one week up to three months for internships. For more information please visit  



Visiting the gsd facilities


Gruppo San Donato welcomes you for a visit of our facilities. If you want to discover our excellences and meet with some of the healthcare professionals from the Group, please send an email to and we will prepare a program for your visit according to your interests and field of expertise.