Radiotherapy treatment is indicated for multiple types of cancer, such as brain, head and neck, breast, genitourinary, thoracic, gastrointestinal, and other. For the treatment of these diseases radiotherapy also represents a solution for patients who are inoperable or who cannot take chemotherapy drugs, thanks to the non-invasiveness of the procedure and the fact that anesthesia is not necessary. The Radiotherapy Department works in multidisciplinary teams with surgeons, oncologists, and pathologists to offer the best treatments available for each patient.

Radiotherapy offers its patients the most advanced radiotherapy technologies, such as CyberKnife and Tomotherapy, for the latter Ospedale San Raffaele was the first center in Europe to install the new technology in 2004, as well as 3D conformal radiotherapy, intensity modulated radiotherapy, total body irradiation, Rapid Arc system, and tomotherapy associated with PET and CT.

CyberKnife is a unique robotic radiosurgery system for its potential and precision, capable of replicating the modalities of robotic surgery without invasiveness. The SynchronyTM CyberKnife adds a breath detection and compensation device that allows you to synchronize the movement of the radiation beam with that of the tumor mass due to the patient's breath.

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Radiotherapists are dealing with the development and improvement of high-precision radiotherapy techniques, such as tomotherapy and CyberKnife, which make it possible to reduce the number of applications, thus ensuring the saving of organs at risk.

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