What is it?

Gliomas are primary brain tumors that originates from glial cells. They may arise in the white matter of cerebral hemispheres in areas controlling movement, speech, thinking, and emotions but also in the brain stem which controls breathing, blood pressure, and heartbeat; they may also arise in the optic nerve and cerebellum and tend to infiltrate surrounding brain tissue.  

According to histological grade they are classified as low-grade (I and II), anaplastic (III) and glioblastomas (IV).  

Which are the symptoms?

It is related to the location of the tumor; symptoms include headache, seizures, nausea and vomiting, visual field disturbance, balance problems, speech impairment, motor or sensory deficits, gradual changes in mood or personality, and memory loss.

How is it treated?

Suggested procedures

Where do we treat it?

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