Department of Breast Imaging @ Ospedale San Raffaele

The Breast Imaging Unit is a section of the Breast Department, involved in breast cancer diagnosis, management and follow-up, and being an essential member of weekly multidisciplinary tumour board meetings aimed at discussing the treatment strategy and management of every single patient with breast cancer.

Our excellence in numbers




ultrasound (US) breast examinations


breast MRIs


US-guided breast biopsies/aspirations




MR-guided biopsies


radioactive I-125 seed preoperative localization

Conditions we take care of at this Department

Notable advanced technological equipment

  • 2D full field digital mammography FFDM
  • Tomosynthesis (3D digital mammography) TDM
  • Low dose (- 50%) 2D full field digital mammography FFDM with photon counting technology
  • High definition breast US units
  • Stereotactic guidance for VAB of microcalcifications
  • 1.5 T breast MRI (Radiology Department)
  • Stereotactic MRI system for VAB of lesions only visible at MRI (Radiology Department)
  • Hybrid 3 T PET-MRI (Nuclear Medicine Department)

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Head physician

Pietro Panizza

Breast radiologist
Pietro Panizza

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