Department of Neuroradiology @ Ospedale San Raffaele

The Neuroradiology Unit deals with the diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system in adults and children.

Interventional radiology treatments are also carried out, such as thrombectomies, stent placement, spirals, injection of embolizing particles, vertebroplasty, applied to: the skull, the brain, the spine, the medulla.

The Unit is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic equipment and highly specialized staff, assisted by technical, nursing and auxiliary staff with great professionalism and experience in the sector.

Our excellence in numbers


Diagnostic studies per year


Total angiographic sessions with more than 150 treatments


Professionals among medical, paramedical, and research personnel

Notable advanced technological equipment

  • 3 high field magnetic resonances (RM 1.5 T)
  • 1 Magnetic Resonance at 3 Tesla
  • 2 multilayer computed tomographies (TC 128 and 64 slices)
  • 1 cone beam TC
  • 1 biplanar angiograph
  • 1 ultrasound system

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Head physician

Andrea Falini

Andrea Falini

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