Department of General and Emergency Surgery @ Ospedale San Raffaele

The General and Emergency Surgery Unit deals with the advanced management of all acute onset surgical pathologies that represent an emergency, as well as all the main pathologies of surgical relevance of the gastroenteric, hepato-biliopancreatic and of the abdominal wall. The most advanced surgical techniques are used (open surgery and laparoscopic surgery, damage control surgery for polytrauma patient management, advanced multidisciplinary management of acute and non-acute surgical patient).

The Unit prides itself on the collaboration between multidisciplinary teams that make use of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic resources. General surgeons are assisted by physicians from the traditional radiology, interventional radiology, angiography and anaesthesiologists-resuscitators, to allow for a timely diagnosis and optimal treatment of urgent and non-urgent pathologies.

The surgical staff is also distinguished for its expertise in polytrauma patient management thanks to the presence of a constantly available trauma team, with members and instructors from leading scientific societies specialized in this type of treatment. In Italy, the Unit is considered a reference point for this type of pathology.

Our excellence in numbers


procedures performed per year

Notable advanced technological equipment

  • Negative pressure for open abdomen management system
  • UpToDate energy surgical device (harmonic scalpel)
  • Advanced mash for hernia repair
    • Non-absorbable
    • Partially absorbable  
    • Biological
  • Advanced haemostatic tools
    • Fibrin glue
    • Platelet derivatives
  • Most recent mechanical staplers

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Head physician

Michele Carlucci

General surgeon
Michele Carlucci

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