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Our Institute of Endocrine and Metabolic Sciences has an impressive expertise in bone metabolism and pituitary disease. Prof Giustina, who has founded and currently leads the Institute, is a worldwide known expert in these areas, having coordinated multiple national and international multicentre studies and published as first author several guidelines, recommendations and position papers at national and international level.

Within San Raffaele Research Hospital, one of the largest clinical and research facilities in Europe, our Institute carries out clinical-assistance activities for prevention and treatment of osteometabolic disease, thyroid and parathyroid diseases, adrenal disease, obesity and other endocrine conditions.

Our research focuses primarily on assessment of bone quality in patients with secreting pituitary adenomas such as acromegaly or Cushing's disease. Additional focus areas include parathyroid hormone, vitamin D and calcium metabolism, particularly in patients affected by hypoparathyroidism.

Our excellence in numbers


Bone densitometry (MOC) with DEXA method per year


vertebral morphometries with DEXA method per year


body composition analysis with DEXA method per year


thyroid and parathyroid ultrasounds per year


thyroid needle aspiration per year

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Andrea Giustina

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