Department of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation @ Ospedale San Raffaele

The Department includes two Operative Units: one for Neurology and one for Neurological Specialist Rehabilitation, each have their own ward.

The Department of Neurology is characterized by a strong integration between clinical activity and research activity favoured by the internal organization of Specialist Centres such as: The Multiple Sclerosis Centre, the leading Italian centre assessed by the number of patients treated and for its research activities, the Centre for Memory Disorders, the Centre for Epilepsy and the Headache Centre which is currently studying the genetics of headaches and new therapies.

It is also closely connected to the Institute of Experimental Neurology, a centre for neurological disease research and pharmaceutical experimentation.

Our excellence in numbers


hospitalization per year

Top procedures performed

Notable advanced technological equipment

  • One 3 TESLA Brain MRI
  • Three 1.5 TESLA Brain MRI
  • One Brain PET
  • One Brain/MRI
  • SIMOHA for Neurofilaments assessment
  • Four Brainswave H Coil Systems for transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • Two Devices for transcranial direct current stimulation

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Massimo Filippi

Massimo Filippi

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