Department of Neurocognitive and motor rehabilitation @ Ospedale San Raffaele

The San Raffaele Hospital provides, through the rehabilitation Unit, both inpatient and outpatient treatments.

In particular, there are currently three rehabilitation divisions that are part of the Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery Department: The Cognitive-Motor Rehabilitation Unit, the Cardiological Rehabilitation Unit, and the Motor Specialization Rehabilitation.
The three rehabilitation departments are partly recognised as High Complexity Intensive Rehabilitation and partly as Intensive Rehabilitation.
There are also some outpatient physiotherapy services, aimed at satisfying the patient’s needs. In total, more than 200 physiotherapy treatments are provided on a daily basis in the three rehabilitative divisions as well as an average of 50, individual or group, outpatient treatments. The gyms are fully equipped and offer a wide range of services for therapeutic exercise, neurological rehabilitation, rehabilitation of cardiovascular and respiratory aspects, muscle strengthening and rehabilitation of the perineal plane.
The team of physiotherapists work in a multidisciplinary fashion, collaborating with various Intensive Care Units of San Raffaele.

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Notable advanced technological equipment

  • Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Systems (VRRS, Khymeia Group)
  • Tele-rehabilitation platform
  • MoonWalker (Khymeia Group)
  • NeuroAD (Neuronix Medical)
  • tDCS systems

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Sandro Iannaccone

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