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The Echocardiography Laboratory at San Raffaele Hospital is a state-of-the-art center, with a tradition of clinical excellence, education and innovation. The teams in the Echocardiography Laboratory perform more than 20,000 outpatient and inpatient echocardiographic studies a year. 

Staff in the Echocardiography Laboratory at San Raffaele Hospital has unique expertise and experience in performing echocardiography studies.

All echocardiographic machines are equipped with the most advanced technology. We store all echocardiographic studies digitally and can review them at any of our workstations. 
We perform a full spectrum of echocardiographic services with a strong emphasis on echocardiographic research and cutting edge technology including transthoracic echocardiogram, transesophageal echocardiogram (an ultrasound camera inserted into the esophagus), exercise and medication-induced stress studies, as well as contrast echocardiography (by infusion of contrast agent). Staff also provides echocardiographic guidance during complex interventions in the catheterization laboratory (interventional echocardiography), as well as during open-heart surgery (intraoperative echocardiography).

The Echocardiography Laboratory offers imaging tests including 2-D and 3-D echocardiography, as well as complex Doppler studies. We also perform sophisticated quantitative images such as strain and strain rate, echo imaging for structural heart disease including mitral valve, tricuspid and aortic valve diseases for surgical planning/indications or percutaneous treatment including transcatheter aortic valve replacement, mitralClip and transcatheter mitral valve replacement, transcatheter tricuspid valve repair, septal ablation, and left atrial appendage closure, and for cardiomyopathies and cardio-oncology. 
The program is run by the leaders in the field of echocardiography and employs a highly trained technical staff including also nurses and echo fellows.

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Our excellence in numbers


echocardiographic studies a year


Transesophageal transesophageal studies


stress echocardiographic studies


Intraprocedural Transesophageal Monitoring studies

Conditions we take care of at this Department

With internationally ranked experience and expertise, we have set imaging standards to accurately diagnose and treat both routine and the most complex cardiac conditions. Because at San Raffaele Hospital we have disease specific centers of excellence, cardiovascular imaging is aligned to these disease specific centers. Our team is focused on and leading the way in developing and implementing imaging tests and pathways dedicated to the specific disease, resulting in efficient and personalized evaluation. With a best practices approach to resolve each individual heart disease, our team monitors each patient’s progress for optimal long-term results.

Notable advanced technological equipment

25 Top Echocardiographic Machines:

  • EPIQ CVx/Philips
  • EPIQ CVXi/Philips
  • Vivid E95/GE Healthcare
  • Vivid iQ/GE Healthcare
  • Siemens SC2000
  • Echonavigator R3
  • Syngo TrueFusion 

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Eustachio Agricola

Eustachio Agricola

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