Klippel-Feil syndrome

What is it?

Klippel-Feil syndrome is characterized by a congenital anomaly characterized by a defect in the formation or differentiation of the cervical vertebrae, leading to the fusion of these vertebrae.

People with Klippel-Feil anomaly are more at risk of developing spinal cord injury.

Causes and risk factors

The prevalence is estimated at 1: 50,000.

The gene that causes the syndrome is not yet known.

Which are the symptoms?

  • short neck
  • hair growth in the lower back
  • limitation of rotational movements of the neck - obesity
  • anomalies of the cervical vertebra


How is it diagnosed?

Suggested exams

How is it treated?

There are no specific treatment methods; special attention is paid to mobilizing the neck in case of possible spinal cord injuries.

Where do we treat it?

Within the San Donato Group, you can find Klippel-Feil syndrome specialists at these departments:

Are you interested in receiving the treatment?

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