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The Joint Replacement Unit is composed of a team of highly specialised surgeons, who focus on knee and hip replacement and have extensive experience in this field. The Unit’s philosophy and techniques revolve around tissue preservation and fast-track recovery for its patients, providing them with a personalised pre-and post-operative pathway, while the most updated methods and technological equipment is used in the operation room. 

The main interest is represented by hip and knee arthritis and in prosthetic treatment, which the Head Physician and team has been working on for years, having helped develop new prosthetic designs. 

The centre has performed more than 15,000 hip and knee prosthetic surgeries, including minimally invasive knee prosthetic surgeries with medial and lateral monocompartmental prostheses and minimally invasive knee prosthetic surgeries with unicompartmental prostheses and LCA reconstruction. 

The Unit is also highly specialised in hip replacement and revision surgery. The implant of the hip prosthesis is performed with minimally invasive technique, which protects the periarticular soft tissues, reconstructs the joint capsule and reduces the skin incision to 7-8 cm. The used prostheses are very reliable presenting among the best results.

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Sergio Romagnoli

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