Department of Clinical Electrophysiology and Electrostimulation @ Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio

The Clinical Electrophysiology and Electrostimulation Center at Ospedale Galeazzi-Sant'Ambrogio evaluates all arrhythmological issues of cardiac rhythm disturbance through specialist examinations and instrumental tests, pacemaker and automatic defibrillator checks are also performed.

The Center is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, and provides:

  • electrophysiological studies;
  • transcatheter ablation interventions for any type of arrhythmia (atrial or ventricular);
  • pacemaker implants (also latest generation Leadless systems);
  • implants of automatic defibrillators (also latest generation subcutaneous systems);
  • implants of biventricular cardiostimulators in patients with congestive heart failure;
  • pacemaker or defibrillator explants with cardiac standby.

This allows both the precise framing of the potentially arrhythmic patient and the assessment of the need for pharmacological treatment or the execution of more sophisticated investigations, up to and including defining the indication for possible admission to the Cardiology department.

24-hour monitoring allows for continuous control of the patient's rhythm, the possibility of checking the effect of antiarrhythmic drug therapies, and postoperative monitoring of transcatheter ablation, together with pacemaker and defibrillator implants.

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