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Team C.A.S.C.O operates at the Galeazzi Research Hospital in Milan and was founded in 2010 by an initiative of Dr. Nicola Ursino. To date it consists of 12 specialists.

Every year it performs on average 1450 prosthetic interventions and 1550 minor orthopaedic interventions such as arthroscopy, ligaments and more, for a total of about 3000 interventions per year.
The Unit helps people with degenerative or traumatic articular disability to recover mobility and return to having an excellent quality of life.
The C.A.S.C.O. Unit today is a specialised division in the prosthetic reconstruction of the lower limb and has widened its field of interest to the upper limb, the foot and to the ankle prosthetics.

Ongoing studies include the evaluation of: 

  • Anti-allergic prosthesis (Bioloy) and bacterial biofilm: the first study in Europe to analyse its relationship in terms of reduction of infectious risk. 
  • Hypoallergenic prostheses (Vital-xe): polyethylene is also enriched with Vitamin-E which gives it anti-oxidant power and therefore a longer life over the years. 

These materials represent the latest evolution of engineering applied to prosthetic surgery.

Our excellence in numbers


prosthetic surgeries


knee total replacement


unicompartmental knee replacements


hip replacements


knee replacement revision surgeries


hip replacement revision surgeries

Notable advanced technological equipment

  • Adipose-derived stem cells                                                                
  • Anti-allergic knee and hip replacement added with vitamin E
  • Metal-on-metal hip revision
  • Ankle replacement with trans fibular osteotomy   

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Nicola Ursino

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