Department of Maxillofacial Surgery @ Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio

The Unit is widely recognised for its expertise in the treatment and surgery of maxillofacial pathologies in both, adult, and paediatric patients.
Clinical activity focuses on facial skeleton surgery for severe dental malocclusion or Sleep Apnoea and major oral rehabilitation with zygomatic implants.
The prevailing clinical interests are pre-prosthetic reconstructive surgery in cases of severe maxillary atrophy and surgical treatment of craniofacial dysmorphias.

All cases of complex dental inclusion and odontogenic pathology and not of the maxillary bones requiring hospitalization are also treated.
In the field of oncological surgery, interventions are performed on the salivary glands, on the thyroid, and cervical neoformations.

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Notable advanced technological equipment

  • Dedicated Software for preoperative study and modulation
  • CT Scan
  • 3D Skeleton Modulation for preoperative study

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Alessandro Baj

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Alessandro Baj

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