Department of Oncologic Orthopedic and Spine Surgery @ Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio

The oncologic orthopaedic and spine surgery centre of the Galeazzi Research Hospital is one of the centres of excellence in the national and international scene for the treatment of spine primary tumours and spine metastasis. In the centre, patients with musculoskeletal system tumours, both bone and soft parts, are treated. In most cases these are primitive tumours of adulthood and of the paediatric age and, historically, the prevailing specialization is for tumours of the spine.

The centre is also known for 3D printed titanium prosthesis for pelvis and other bones reconstructions, based on the patient CT.

Our excellence in numbers


enblock vertebrectomy (uni- or multi-level)


pathological spine and bone fractures


resections and reconstructions of primary bone tumours

Conditions we take care of at this Department

Notable advanced technological equipment

  • 1 CT Scanner
  • 3 MRI machines
  • 1 Spinal angiograph

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Meet our team

Head physician

Alessandro Luzzati

Spine Surgeon
Alessandro Luzzati