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The Knee Surgery Unit’s main field of interest are represented by prosthetic revision surgery, ligament injury and trauma surgical repair and meniscal lesions. The Unit’s Head physicians and team are widely recognised as experts in the field of complex ligament injuries and are frequently asked to attend and teach in hands-on trainings of this kind of surgery in national and international events.
In addition, Professor Roberto D’Anchise is one of the most eminent expert in the field of meniscal lesions and is the first surgeon to offer meniscal transplant in Italy.

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Professor D’Anchise and his team always perform an arthroscopic surgery using the most recent devices (such as the new “no screw” button and the tight rope for the cruciate ligament reconstruction, various kinds of devices for meniscal sutures, the SwiveLock for the MPFL reconstruction), in addition to the most recognised kind of prosthesis available in both, unicompartimental and total replacement.

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Roberto D'Anchise

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