Department of Osteoarticular infection surgery @ Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio

The Operative Unit of Reconstructive Surgery and Osteoarticular Infections (C.R.I.O.) is specialized in the treatment of infections of hip and knee prostheses and, in general, of complications of orthopaedic surgery. The Department, which was established at tIstituto Ortopedico Galeazzi in 2008, is made up of a team of medical specialists in Orthopedics and Traumatology led by Dr. Antonio Pellegrin. 

CRIO is a highly specialized center offering patients suffering from osteoarticular infections an advanced, valid and effective diagnostic and therapeutic pathway, thanks also to the collaboration with the Radiology Services and the Analysis Laboratory, equipped with the most innovative technologies available, as well as the constant collaboration with Infectious Disease Consultant. All the above advantages contribute to earlier and more effective surgical treatment associated with improved quality of life for patients.

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This type of service is aimed at patients with acute and/or chronic peri-prosthetic infection, infectious osteoarthritis, acute and/or chronic osteomyelitis, infection in the aftermath of osteosynthesis and finally in patients with infected pseudo-arthritis.

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Antonio Pellegrini

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Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio

The new hospital brings together in a single facility Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi, the first hospital for orthopaedic admissions that performs 75% of all revision orthopaedic surgeries in Italy, and Istituto Clinico Sant'Ambrogio, example of healthcare excellence for its cardiovascular unit as well as for the diagnosis and treatment of obesity.

The new Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant’Ambrogio (OGSA), accredited by the Italian National Healthcare System (SSN), and given an IRCCS status (Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Healthcare) by the Italian Ministry of Health for the study of the locomotor system disorders, it is a center of excellence for clinical and pre-clinical biomedical research, and it is well-known for its teaching activity as a learning site for the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in agreement with the University of Milan.

As former Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi, it is known for its achievements in the field of sports medicine and is now home for RE.GA.IN, a regenerative medicine center for the treatment of cartilage and tendon pathologies.

Since 2007, the Institute has become a member of the ISOC (International Society of Orthopaedic Centers), recognized as one of the 19 institutes of excellence in the field of orthopaedics representing 16 countries.

Former Istituto Clinico Sant'Ambrogio adds to the new OGSA its healthcare excellence in treatment of cardiovascular pathologies with over 500 interventions of cardiac surgery and 2,500 interventional cardiology procedures per year thus becoming among the first Italian centers for cardiovascular treatments. The Cardiothoracic Center represents a point of excellence in mini-invasive cardiac surgery and in the percutaneous aortic valve replacement. Additionally, former Istituto Clinico Sant'Ambrogio is in the first place among the Lombardy hospitals for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction.