Department of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery @ Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio

Dr. Glauber and his team are professional tutors who collaborate with the major centres for minimally invasive cardiac surgery worldwide on training and education projects, including a formal collaboration with the Dubai Hospital.

Alongside the basic cardiac surgery activities, such as the aortocoronary bypass and the conventional valve surgery, there are newly developed minimally invasive techniques which enable heart valve surgery via a mini-thoracotomy, i.e. aortic, mitral and tricuspid valve reconstruction or replacement, the implantation of a new generation of sutureless aortic valves, the aortocoronary bypass through a left mini thoracotomy, and the insertion of transcatheter aortic valves (TAVI).

The Unit of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery is in charge of the treatment of all the acquired or congenital cardiopathies in adult patients.

Conditions we take care of at this Department

Notable advanced technological equipment

  • 3D echocardiography
  • 3D endoscopy column
  • Sutureless valves
  • Left atrial appendage closure clip device

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Mattia Glauber

Cardiac Surgeon
Mattia Glauber

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