Rotator cuff injury

What is it?

Rupture of the rotator cuff is a very common pathology, especially in elderly patients; the injury of the shoulder tendons can be complete or partial.

Causes and risk factors

Rupture of the rotator cuff can occur as a result of trauma, but more often after repetitive movements over a long period of time. Age, diabetes, smoking, metabolic diseases and repetitive strain are the main risk factors.

Which are the symptoms?

Pain on sudden movements, pain even at night and limitation of movement are the main symptoms.

How is it diagnosed?

Ultrasound and MRI are the two tests used to diagnose damage to the rotator cuff tendon and assess the size of the rupture.

How is it treated?

Conservative therapy with physiotherapy, shockwaves and anti-inflammatory drugs is the first method of treatment, tenorrhaphy via arthroscopy of the shoulder joint is necessary after the appearance of persistent symptoms and functional limitations.

Suggested procedures

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