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Dermoclinic Institute Vita Cutis is a private health facility in a heart of Milan, a professional evolution of clinical activities of Professor Antonino Di Pietro – founding father of Plastic Dermatology, with 30 years of experience, innovation, scientific and academic achievements.

Thanks to the pioneering vision of its founder, Dermoclinic Institute Vita Cutis was immediately recognized as a highly specialized dermatological center. Today, it is a HQ that dictates medical and ethical quality standards for all dermatological centers of primary importance in Italy.

Dermoclinic Institute Vita Cutis provides all types of dermatological, clinical and instrumental procedures that are carried out on an outpatient basis. This is possible thanks to the integration of all presented specialties, which also allows to optimize diagnostic and therapeutic periods.

Protection, nutrition, renewal and regeneration are the basic rules for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. Today, a large number of people visit a dermatologist because of aesthetic imperfections or because of skin’ aging. At the Vita Cutis Institute, however, we are certain that beauty and health come from within. Our experts follow this statement by considering each case with overall attention, offering the most suitable services:

  • from specialist visit to prevention and treatment of dermatological and sexually transmitted diseases,
  • recommending dermocosmetics and nutritional supplements,
  • offering the most suitable treatments (peeling, hyaluronic acid filler, laser, radio frequency, LEDs, etc.) to shape and improve the skin while respecting its nature and physiology.

Specialists of the Dermoclinic Institute Vita Cutis devoted themselves not only to prevention of skin aging using modern methods and technologies, but also to the treatment of all skin, hair and nail pathologies. Proposed treatments are the result of rigorous scientific research, prioritizing the reliability of results together with the protection of one’s health.

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Notable advanced technological equipment

  • Dermoneed®
  • Onda Coolwaves™
  • VisioScope®
  • Erbium laser
  • BIOPTRON® light therapy
  • Kleresca® multi-LED lamps
  • EVA quadripolar radiofrequency therapy
  • Pulsed light

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Antonino Di Pietro

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