What is it?

Microtherapy® is considered one of the best medical treatments to prevent and improve water retention and cellulite.

Technical difficulty:
Performed at the Dermoclinic facilities only
Average duration of the intervention:
15-30 minutes
Average duration of hospitalization:
no hospitalization is required

When is this procedure indicated?

Microtherapy® is indicated for those who want to achieve positive results in prevention and reduction of water retention and cellulite. The session is painless and leaves no bruising or other visible marks.

How is it performed?

Microtherapy® is carried out with a patented device (designed by Prof. Antonino Di Pietro) called SIT (Skin Injection Therapy), consisting of a rigid concave part at the center of which comes out a micro-needle just over a millimeter long. Thanks to SIT, it is possible to perform microinjections in the first layers of the skin, without causing pain or capillary rupture. During the session, the specialist injects hypertonic substances that draw the liquids from the adipose tissue towards the dermis to be reabsorbed in a natural way.


No hospitalization is necessary, the patient can immediately return to social life.

Short-term complications

Not found.

Long-term complications

Not found.

Are you interested in receiving the treatment?

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