What is it?

Biorevis® is a very recent therapy exclusive to Dermoclinico, useful to strengthen hair at any time of the year.

Technical difficulty:
Performed at the Dermoclinic facilities only
Average duration of the intervention:
15-30 minutes
Average duration of hospitalization:
no hospitalization is required

When is this procedure indicated?

Biorevis® is indicated for strengthening hair. It is recommended in cases of hair loss, alopecia, thinning, fine or weak hair. 

How is it performed?

Biorevis® consists of microinjections of amino acids and peptides that have a regenerating and stimulating action on the hair bulbs on the scalp at a depth of 2 millimeters. These substances are inside a hyaluronic acid filler that gradually releases the active ingredients, amplifying their action and effectiveness.


No hospitalization is necessary, the patient can immediately return to social life.

Short-term complications

Not found.

Long-term complications

Not found.

Are you interested in receiving the treatment?

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