What is it?

It is a chronic relapsing dermatitis, which affects the central face area and appears with a more or less bright erythema, telangiectasias and sometimes papulo-pustular lesions. It may affect only the nose. In this case we speak of Rhinophyma, a form of advanced rosacea of the nose, which becomes bulbous and irregular, with prominent and dilated pores.

Which are the symptoms?

It appears as a more or less bright erythema, telengectasias and sometimes papulo-pustular lesions.

  • Redness
  • Telangiectasia
  • Papulo-pustular lesions
  • Rhinophyma (nose only)

How is it diagnosed?

The diagnosis is simple in the full-blown forms. Rosacea in papulo-pustular phase should be differentiated from acne. Differential diagnosis is possible due to the lack of comedones in the case of rosacea. Adolescents are generally not affected, but the 20 to 50 year age group is.

How is it treated?

Rosacea can be successfully treated with laser treatments or with creams containing metrodinasol or ivermectin. In extensive cases, systemic antibiotics are used.

Suggested procedures

Where do we treat it?

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