Department of Orthopedic and Traumatology @ Policlinico San Donato

Department of the Orthopedic I of the Policlinico San Donato started its activity on January 1st, 2020. Dr. Dagnino and Dr. Fiorentini have been working together for years in other excellent structures always oriented in hip and knee replacement surgeries which even today represent the preponderant part of the activity carried out.

Following the dismissal of other teams within the hospital, from May 2020 it has expanded its peculiarities to also include the part of traumatology. Trying to be able to offer a 360-degree service, other orthopedic branches were also implemented up to the current configuration. To date, as a team, it covers almost all of orthopedics and traumatology pathologies.

Hip pathology: we manage all the pathology starting from the preventive and conservative aspect supported by an excellent physiatry and rehabilitation service, through joint infiltration including ultrasound-guided using hyaluronic acid, steroids and recently also the PRP (platelets riched plasma) through specific dedicated service; in case of hip arthrosis, in addition to traditional surgery with standard and minimally invasive, direct lateral, posterolateral access, we also perform interventions with anterior mini invasive surgery (AMIS) technique without damage to the muscles, for which we are also a reference center and training center with excellence certified by the company that patented this procedure, we often perform interventions on the hips simultaneously bilaterally to avoid double surgery and anesthesia.

Thanks to the excellent anesthesia service that performs post-operative analgesic blocks, use of LIA (local infiltration analgesia), patients with very little pain recover quickly, walk the same day and are discharged in 3 days (statistics of 2020 average discharge 3.4 days). With this technique we also resolve medial femur fractures. We also perform hip replacement surgery and are developing a system for cup revision system with a firm to have new tools and options for the treatment of acetabular defects.

Knee pathology: also, in this field we deal with preventive, conservative and regenerative therapy using infiltrations with PRP, steroids or hyaluronic acid. In the part oriented towards sports traumatology through arthroscopy we treat meniscal and ligament injuries, cartilage injuries, repairs with meniscal suture, reconstruction using allografts, or artificial tendons, use of scaffold for little osteochondral defects. Knee osteoarthritis is treated with standard and minimally invasive techniques. Among the most effective treatments we deal with the implantation of knee unicondylar arthroplasty, medial, lateral and patellar femoral; for this type of surgery, we collaborate with companies for the development of new implants and new tools. In total knee replacement, in addition to standard techniques, we use the latest techniques such as kinematic alignment, use of robots and augmented reality for more precise implants as well as the use of NEXGEN medial pivot and hypoallergenic implants. 

Shoulder Disease: Preventive, Conservative and Regenerative Therapy. Arthroscopy for repair of rotator cuff damage or for instabilities. Recourse to anatomical or inverse prostheses in case of glenohumeral arthrosis.

Hand pathology: Clinics dedicated to this pathology and dedicated sessions by colleagues who are super-specialized in hand surgery. Interventions also carried out in a particular setting with an operating room equipped for this surgery with discharge within a few hours of surgery.

Foot-ankle pathology: dedicated clinics for foot pathology. Corrective interventions and use of ankle prostheses (few centers able to perform this surgery) in inveterate osteoarthritis.

Traumatology: Treatment of afferent fractures from the emergency room and in patients deferred from other facilities. Except for traumas that require neurosurgical support, we manage all traumatology. For wrist and hand fractures, interventions are carried out in specific sessions, in lower limb fractures by adhering to the national program, having a team available, we operate within 48 hours of arrival at the hospital. We also deal with the traumas related to motorcycle racing as a colleague of the team collaborates with the CLINICA MOBILE which gives medical support to MotoGP races.

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Our excellence in numbers


procedures performed per year

Conditions we take care of at this Department

Notable advanced technological equipment

  • Treatment with PRP
  • Use of Next GEN devices to support replacement surgery (Robot, Augmented reality, Personal Specific Instrumentation) 
  • Use of ceramic on ceramic for total hip replacement and antiallergic materials for knee replacement 
  • AMIS HIP technique in a certified center by internationals tutors for this technique. 
  • Double AMIS HIP surgery 
  • Optimal Pain control post surgery 
  • Treatment of pathology by overuse and trauma linked with MotoGP Racing 

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Meet our team

Head physicians

Augusto Dagnino

Orthopedic traumatologist
Augusto Dagnino

Carlo Enrico Fiorentini

Carlo Enrico Fiorentini
Policlinico San Donato

The Policlinico San Donato Research Hospital is the largest and most renowned Italian center specialized in the field of cardiovascular treatments. The hospital is accredited by the Italian National Health Service (SSN) and is home to the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Milano.

Founded in 1969 and extending over 50,000 square meters in the south-eastern part of Milan, the multi-specialty healthcare institution is a leader in Italy and among best centers in Europe as for the amount as well as for the complexity of performed cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology procedures in children (>1,000 procedures per year) and adult patients (>1,000 surgical interventions and 6,000 interventional cardiology procedures). The San Donato’s Arrhythmology and Electrophysiology Unit delivers one of the highest numbers of cardiac ablations in the world (>1,400 per year). San Donato has a research center aimed at studying of the heart and blood vessels in adults and children and searching of new prevention and treatment methods that has been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as a Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care (IRCCS).

San Donato is a pioneer of international cooperation and a founder of charity missions for the treatment of children with congenital heart diseases that are run in collaboration with the association “Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo”. Thanks to this project more than 3,000 children all over the world have received their treatment.

Since 2019, Policlinico San Donato has become home to the National Institute for Obesity Cure (INCO), a national reference center with a multidisciplinary approach for the diagnosis and treatment of obesity. Thanks to the INCO, dietary, psycho-behavioral and surgical treatments are carried out together with the most innovative video-assisted laparoscopic and mini-invasive techniques.