Department of Dentistry @ Policlinico San Donato

The Department of Dentistry has 6 operating Units, 1 sterilization room, 2 patient reception offices and 1 CUP specifically for patient management and appointments.

The Department is able to receive and give a daily service to an average of 15 patients per treatment Unit.
The aim of our office is to provide dental care ranging from simple to complex, which can offer every patient a personalized therapy, with treatments that may include both conservative and advanced implant-prosthetic.

The primary objective is the management of protected categories: children, the elderly and patients with diseases, and the specific treatments for these categories are clearly aimed at prevention for the former, and at preserving or restoring the aesthetic and chewing functions of the most distressed patients.

The medical team is chosen for their specific operative abilities, and the clinical activity is divided in the same way, by area of expertise. We also pay particular attention to the inclusion of the most up-to-date technologies available to the dental world, and applying them to our clinical treatments.

Our excellence in numbers


oral hygiene services per year


aesthetic veneers per year


invisible orthodontic procedures per year


immediate loadings per year

Notable advanced technological equipment

  • Laser
  • Digital photography
  • Invisible orthodontic treatment
  • Air flow for dental hygiene
  • Piezosurgery
  • Software for Esthetic digital evaluation
  • Software for radiological evaluation for implantology

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Meet our team

Head physician

Francesca Cattoni

Francesca Cattoni