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The Cardiovascular Genetic Center (CGC) is one of the most important units in Europe in the field of aortic genetic diseases and Founder member of the VASCERN (the European reference Network), located in Policlinico San Donato since 2019.

GCG has a variety of international collaborations and have developed a mobile app (Vascern App; android/IOs) in which is possible to detect the medical activities of all major Inherited vascular disease centers.

The CGC is dedicated to the clinical and genetic diagnosis and follow-up of the patients affected by inherited aortic and cardiac diseases affecting both paediatric and adult patients. Among these conditions we include both syndromic (Marfan syndrome, Vascular Ehelers-Danlos syndrome and Loeys-Dietz syndrome, Fabry, Beals, etc ...) and non-syndromic (Bicuspid aortic valve; Familial thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection as well as spontaneous dissection of arteries) diseases.
Familial screening is also part of our daily activities. Our Patients follow genetic and cardiovascular visits and multidisciplinar evaluations (vascular, ophtalmologic, endocrinologic, pneumologic, orthopedics, cardiac and vascular surgery, echographical and radiological diagnostics, MRI etc ...) are performed regularly. Every year about 1200 Patients are evaluated in our Centre (i.e. more than 8000 exams/visits) and more than 3000 Patients are in current follow-up with a trend of about 200 new Patients yearly.

Research is part of our mission and many scientific papers are edited yearly with our authorship. 25 research programs are ongoing by now and involver more than 30 researchers in 7 research groups in colaboration with our Center. 

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research programs ongoing in the field of genetic, vascular, cardiac

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  • Last Generation of Eco Duplex Scan

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