Support to the Red Sea State on the maternal and child health sector


Port Sudan, Red Sea State
Cooperation years:
GSD Participants:
San Raffaele nurse
Host country's participants:
State Ministry of Health – Red Sea State
Italian Agency for Development Cooperation
Implementing agency:

Project Aim

Overall: To contribute to the improvement of the health of the Red Sea State population through the strengthening of the diagnostic and curative capacities of the health service
Specific: To improve the clinical capabilities of the Teaching Obstetric Hospital and the Paediatric Hospital in Port Sudan by intervening in particular on maternal and child health services.

Background of the Project

The project was designed and developed to contribute to the improvement of health conditions in the Red Sea State, located in the eastern part of the country, which has worse health indicators than the national average. These indicators show serious shortcomings in the health system due to inadequate academic preparation and to a limited number of both human and material resources, from which derives a lack of basic health services.The project will improve the health services offered, which will be utilized indiscriminately by the host community, refugees, displaced persons and returnees in the area. The project's donor is Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS).

Objectives achieved

200 health workers trained in the Pediatric and Obstetric hospital. Workers at the Paediatric Hospital and the Obstetric Hospital were trained on how to avoid virus transmission and good practices for the prevention of COVID-19. During the first year, teaching materials and equipment were provided and distributed. The rehabilitation of the operating block and delivery rooms is in progress.  Lists were made for the supply of equipment, furnishings and various instruments and are ready for tenders.
2 professionals including 1 paediatric nurse and 1 midwife were sent on mission for 3 months and 15 days. 1  nurse was sent on a mission for 1 month and 22 days during the month of September. 1  laboratory expert carried out a mission for 2 months to support the nursing services of the Obstetric Hospital and the Paediatric Hospital of Port Sudan. Medical consumables, cleaning materials, materials for the reorganisation of the wards were purchased. The following works were carried out: widening of the entrance door for heavy vehicles, creation of an access for ambulances to the paediatric emergency room, construction of a waiting room for the mothers of paediatric patients and rehabilitation of the toilets, to complete the works at the emergency room outpatient clinic started by the local counterpart.


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