Аccessibility and quality of Health services for migrants, refugees, IDPs and host communities


States of Kassala (Urban Kassala and Gjirba) and Red Sea (Dem Mayo, Alyarmouk, Hoshiry)
Cooperation years:
GSD Participants:
San Raffaele doctor, San Raffaele nurse
Host country's participants:
State Ministry of Health - Red Sea and Kassala States
Italian Agency for Development Cooperation
Implementing agency:

Project Aim

To improve the quality and sustainability of Primary Health Services (PHC) in favour of the host communities, migrants, refugees and IDPs in Kassala and Red Sea States.

Background of the Project

 Sudan’s basic service provision, already weak and underdeveloped, has been dangerously degraded by the economic crisis which began in 2019 following the ousting of al-Bashir. Frequent inflationary shocks have ruined the purchasing power of millions of Sudanese families, affecting their ability to purchase sufficient goods for their livelihood while essential goods remain chronically scarce and undersupplied (fuel, bread, drugs). The already weak and underdeveloped healthcare system in Eastern Sudan struggles to function under the stress of the steady influx of migrants and asylum seekers plus the large presence of displaced populations. Health institutions have limited human and financial resources, something which impacts on the quality, coverage, access and delivery of essential health services. The project aligned with the objective of the EU-funded Programme implemented by the Italian Development Cooperation, “Strengthening resilience for refugees, IDPs and host communities in Eastern Sudan”, which is to strengthen the local health systems in Eastern Sudan through the improvement of health system governance and accountability, and greater access, quality and coverage of primary health care, reproductive and maternal care and nutrition services for refugees, IDPs and host communities.
Funded by the European Union  and implemented by AISPO and AICS. 


Objectives achieved

The project has just started its activities. So far, on job training to front line health workers has begun through partnerships with continuing professional development (CPD), Academy of Health Sciences (AHS) and Universities. The rehabilitation workings of key health facilities in target localities are ongoing.An expert in histopathology / cytology and a nurse, both from San Raffaele Hospital in Milan have carried out assessments and are supervising  trainings and other project activities. 

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