Palazzo della Salute


Main info

Location: Milano
Year of Foundation: 2019
Number of beds: n/a
Number of patients treated per year: 20,000 patients
Distance from Airport:
  • 12 km from Linate Airport,
  • 45 km from Malpensa Airport,
  • 53 km from Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport


Palazzo della Salute (Health Palace) is a unique and innovative wellness clinic dedicated to your beauty and well-being with a 360 degrees service in the heart of Milan. Here we create a new, innovative and multidisciplinary path with a mission of restoring the pleasure of being in harmony with yourself.

Conceptually unique on the Italian medical landscape, the wellness clinic offers a holistic approach against acquired and congenital disorders and imperfections that can compromise psycho-physical well-being. Outstanding results are acquired using high-quality treatments, minimally invasive therapies, advanced technologies and know-how of medical professionals of the first hospital group in Italy.

In our activity we rely on the World Health Organization’s definition of the health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of discomfort or disease.  Palazzo della Salute’s objective is to enhance the beauty of each and at every age, improve the balance, and return a feeling of well-being.

With the use of modern technology Palazzo della Salute performs personalized outpatient services as well as a wide range of cosmetic and dermatological procedures, such as body remodeling, skin rejuvenation, tissue regeneration, treatment of inflammatory states, improvement of dental aesthetics, nutrition planning.

The foundation of the medical services in Palazzo della Salute are a certified cutting-edge technologies and machinery for personalized, effective and safe treatments. Among the latest procedures we offer:

  • Excimer laser (PRK and LASIK) for correction of myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness.
  • Dermatological laser for treatment of blemishes, removal of scars and skin neoformations, nevi and tattoos.
  • Pulsed light technology to improve general appearance of the skin.
  • Cool waves technology that revolutionized body remodeling with microwaves.
  • Criosauna for curative, aesthetic and general wellness purposes.
  • Visioscopy is a skin analysis with 3D compressed technology (VISIA) for a deep analysis of the facial skin that allows you to customize aesthetic and dermatological treatments.
  • Tecartherapy to stimulate the natural tissue repair capacity.
  • Sonication is an innovative and non-surgical technique to reduce cellulite, stretch marks and adiposity.

Palazzo della Salute is a place where balance, well-being and harmony meet.


Location: Viale Teodorico, 25
Tel: 02/583951

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