What is it?

Conventional radiography is usually the first imaging examination performed in patients with orthopaedic conditions. For the spine and the lower limbs, this exam is of even greater importance, as it is very panoramic and provides crucial information about deformities. Even when performed well, the spine and the lower limbs radiographies suffer from deformation, which does not allow performing precise measurements. At the Unit, the EOS system is used, which is an advanced radiographic scanner able to obtain spine and lower limbs radiographies without any deformation. What’s also important is that, this system provides a remarkably lower radiation dose to patients, also enabling to perform 3D measurements when needed.

When is this exam indicated?

EOS is indicated in those patients who need to perform a radiographic evaluation of the whole spine, bony pelvis, and lower limb with high precision, 3D views and low radiation dose.

How is it performed?

The exam is very simple. The patient is positioned standing or seated in the machine and two different views are acquired simultaneously. The exam has a duration of about ten seconds and is totally painless.


Ionizing radiations may be harmful for patients. The risk of damage to general population is very low, although this examination should only be performed in case of real need. The use of ionizing radiations is contraindicated in pregnant women.

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