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Professor Giovanni Meola held the position of Head of the Department of Neurology at the IRCCS Policlinico San Donato in Milan, Professor of Neurology since 2001, and since 2013 – Director of the Graduate School of Neurology of the University of Milan.

In 1973, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan, where he received a specialization in neurology. His scientific and clinical training is being improved abroad, at British and North American universities, such asNewcastle upon Tyne General Hospital Regional Neurological Centre, College of Surgeons and PhysiciansColumbia University in New York and Houston Merritt Clinical Research Center for the Study of Muscular Dystrophy and Related Diseases. Since 1988, he has participated annually in the dell'American Academy of Neurology training courses (AAN) in the USA. In April 2007, he completed a clinical internship at the Mayo Stroke Center - Neurological Intensive Care Unit (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA).

Since 1990, Professor Meola has been invited to prestigious foreign universities both as a speaker and for clinical teaching activities for neurologists. In particular, he is a visiting professor at the Department of Neurology, University of Rochester, a member of the Muscle Study Group (MSG), and since 2009 has been a visiting professor at the University of Belgrade (Serbia). Since 1995 he has been a speaker on clinical cases at the Neuromuscular Courses of the dell'American Academy of Neurology, and in 2010 he was appointed head and speaker of the course "Update of Myotonias" at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN). He has delivered 270 courses of lectures by invitation in Italy and abroad.

In the IRCCS Policlinico San Donato from 1992 to 2019, as head of the Department of Neurology, he created the Department of Stroke and heads the Laboratory of Muscular Histopathology and Molecular Biology of Neuromuscular Diseases. In 2015, he was also appointed head of the National Register of Myotonic Dystrophy, funded by the Ministry of Health. 
Since 1991, Professor Meola has been conducting research funded by national and international projects (MURST, FIRST, PRIN, Telethon, AFM Telethon, MDF, Ministry of Health). These studies have resulted in 254 publications in journals cited by JCR (Journal Citation Report), IM (Index Medicus), as well as an international board and reviewer; 66 articles published in national and international journals, and more than 480 abstracts presented at national and international conferences. Professor Meola has also written 41 chapters, 25 of which have been published in international papers. The impact factor of scientific publications is 822,229 with a Hirsch index of 37 with 5,122 citations for 233 documents (from 2003 to 2018).

He is the editor-in-chief of Frontiers in Neurology and the executive editor of Neuromuscular Disorders. He is also the founder and president of the Center for the Study of Neuromuscular Diseases (CMN), the Foundation for Myotonic Diseases (FMM) and since 2013 a member of the Ethics Committee of Ospedale San Raffaele.

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University of Milan
Diploma in Medicine and Surgery - 1973

University of Milan
Specialization in Neurology - 1977

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