Support Duhok Directorate of Health in providing quality health services at Hevi Hospital


Duhok governatorate
Cooperation years:
March-August 2020
GSD Participants:
San Raffaele Nurse
Host country's participants:
the General Directorate of Health of Duhok
Italian Agency for Development Cooperation
Implementing agency:

Project Aim

To strengthen the capacity of Duhok DGOH to offer quality pediatric critical care services to Syrian refugee population, IDPs and host community.
Expand and renovate the PICU at Hevi Pediatric Teaching Hospital
Provide technical assistance and training by international experts in updating/introducing clinical protocols and supervising the mentoring/training program carried out by local trainers


Background of the Project

The project was designed and developed according to the WHO strategy to respond to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, supporting the Duhok Directorate General of Health in providing quality health services to Hevi Hospital through the expansion of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and the harmonisation of wards to meet the needs of Syrian refugees and the host community.
Funded by the World Health Organisation.

Objectives achieved

1  Intensive care unit was renovated. 20 health staff participated to training on how to use the medical equipment and deliver intensive care. An expatriate nurse was fully involved in improving the technical capacity of the Duhok Hevi Pediatric Teaching Hospital. 12 local health personnel were trained to be future trainers. A training programme was drafted, approved and delivered. 


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