Clinical gnathology and masticatory pathophysiology

What is it?

Gnathology is a branch of dentistry that deals with temporomandibular disorders, diagnosis, clinical management, idisturbicorrelated.

When is this procedure indicated?

It deals with disorders of the masticatory apparatus understood as the temporomandibular joint (junction between the mandible and skull), muscles and support of the two dental arches, which in many cases limit the patient's relational life due to the pain generated during chewing movements, up to the inability to open the mouth completely. In addition, the abnormal contact between the dental arches can generate or be the effect of skeletal compensations, up to the appearance of algic problems (neck and/or back and headaches).

How is it performed?

The therapy of these problems makes use of nighttime resin appliances (decompressive splints) or continuous for 24 hours (stabilizing splints). The former have the purpose of defatiguing the overloaded muscular joint structure (nocturnal clenching and parafunctions), the latter with diagnostic therapeutic purpose simulate a new mandibular position to be used after resolution of the symptomatology. Special attention is paid to the prevention of factors that interact in determining joint dysfunction:

  • masticatory parafunctions (bruxism and clenching);
  • malocclusions;
  • postural vices.

In addition, masticatory pathophysiology check-ups are performed including analyses, such as electromyography, which describe a complete picture of the musculoskeletal situation, useful in joint disease pictures and as a control in complex prosthetic rehabilitations.

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