Detox diet for detoxification

Detox diet for detoxification

Publication date: 10-03-2021

Updated on: 01-03-2023

Topic: Nutrition

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3-7 days detox diet helps the body to purify itself and get rid of toxins. Biologist nutritionist of the Wellness Clinic Palazzo della Salute explains what it is and how to do it

Many of us sometimes find ourselves struggling with a sense of heaviness, exhaustion and reluctance, not to mention a few extra pounds.

March is the perfect month to refurbish and start a detox program after cold months as explained by Dr. Manuela Mapelli, a biologist nutritionist at the Wellness Clinic Palazzo della Salute.

What are toxins and why detoxification is important

The goal of the detox diet is to help your body to get rid of accumulated toxins, Dr. Mapelli continues:

“Toxins are waste that accumulate in the body due to:

  • not healthy foods;
  • toxic mineral medicines;
  • stress;
  • smoking;
  • smog etc.

If they accumulate excessively, signs such as fatigue, digestive difficulties, weight gain, abdominal bloating associated with constipation and reduced ability to lose weight may occur. Here it becomes necessary to purify the body”.

Role of liver in detoxification

“Liver plays a fundamental role being involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, in the production of bile, in the regulation of blood sugar, in digestive functions, in the production of cholesterol and triglycerides and, last but not least, in the detoxification. Despite being an organ characterized by the ability to self-repair, it can sometimes happen that the quantity of toxins is higher than the normal possibility of disposal”.

This can occur, for example, if you are used to an excessive and unbalanced diet that unbalances the detox capabilities of the liver and negatively affects the metabolism of sugars and fats.

“The substances return to the circulation, with greater danger and greater difficulty in disposal. To avoid this, the detox capabilities of the liver must therefore be brought back into balance. Once again this is possible by normalizing your nutrition”.

Benefits of a well-functioning liver

As we have said, the liver performs many important and indispensable functions. It goes without saying that if the liver works well, the whole organism benefits:

  • better digestion;
  • intestinal transit is regularized;
  • you can lose weight easier;
  • you feel better and energized.

When to do a detox diet?

A detoxifying diet can be useful if, for example, during the holiday season, between abundant lunches and dinners rich in fats and sugars, the tendency to excess, both in terms of nutrition and alcohol, is more constant over time.

It is time to start a detox diet, if you have following signs:

  • fatigue for no apparent reason;
  • sense of heaviness;
  • "unusual" digestive difficulties;
  • bloating associated with constipation;
  • reduced ability to lose weight.

Duration and menu

A detox diet can be followed for weeks or for a few days. In fact, it is not a restrictive diet either in terms of calories or in terms of the variety of foods. All the main macronutrients are provided, although obviously foods with distinctly detoxifying properties must be favored.

Let's see together what they are and what basic rules to follow to get results, whether it is the 3-day detox diet (to be repeated once a month) or for a longer period.

  • Fiber, especially soluble fiber, helps to reduce absorption of sugars and saturated fats; therefore, green light for vegetables, fruit and whole grains such as barley, farro, oats and brown rice, and legumes, especially beans, chickpeas and lentils.
  • Omega 3 reduce accumulation of fat in liver and improve insulin sensitivity. Choose blue fish (cod, hake, sea bass, sea bream, mackerel and sardines), dried fruit and nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, rich in vitamin E, with a regenerative effect on a cellular level.
  • Avoid refined white flour and simple sugars such as bakery, fried and grilled foods, fatty meats and sausages, aged cheeses, cream, canned foods (rich in sodium) and sauces.
  • Prefer green and herbal teas, avoiding coffee, soft drinks and alcohol; hydration is essential for a healthy and detoxified body.
  • Have 5 meals a day: 3 main ones (breakfast, lunch and dinner) interspersed with 2 snacks consuming dried fruit (walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts).
  • Avoid salt and flavorings (enemies of hypertension and water retention), better use spices and aromatic herbs.

Physical activity must be carried out constantly, because in addition to a few extra pounds loss, it is a cure for the whole body and for the mood.

Importance of hydration

Drinking plenty of fluids, at least 2 liters, including water, herbal teas, herbal infusions, is essential to facilitate the elimination of toxins. In fact, water represents the indispensable means for transporting toxins and eliminating them through the so-called excretory organs (liver, intestine, kidneys, skin and lungs).

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