Department of Vascular Surgery @ Istituto Clinico Città di Pavia

The activity of the vascular surgery Unit has reached excellent levels in:

  • Endovascular treatment of the great vessels pathologies
  • Treatment of the arterial pathology of the elderly and prevention of stroke
  • Diabetic foot treatment

The Unit provides patients with the most innovative techniques for the surgical treatment of aortic aneurysms, applying both traditional methods and minimally invasive approaches. Physicians perform vascular surgery interventions on all arterial districts: from chronic ischemia of the lower limbs and rescue of ischemic limb, to carotid pathologies.

The Unit also performs interventions on the venous compartment with the use of modern techniques that can be done in the day hospital regime (radiofrequency treatment).

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vascular interventions

Notable advanced technological equipment

  • Focus Ultracision harmonic scalpel
  • Operating room equipped with radiological devices
  • Non-invasive vascular laboratory 
  • U.S. laboratory

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Head physician

Giovanni Bonalumi

Vascular surgeon
Giovanni Bonalumi

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