What is it?

Among the most used applications of Telecardiology is the possibility to detect the electrocardiographic trace (ECG) directly from the patient through small portable devices and to transmit it in real time to a Telecardiology Service Center for reporting by qualified personnel. This system is called CardioTelephone

When is this exam indicated?

  • Heart rate monitoring anywhere and at any time
  • rapid diagnosis of rhythm disorders
  • possibility to record even the most fleeting and less frequent disorders
  • rapid adjustment of therapy to the patient’s clinical conditions
  • reduction of travel to specialist facilities
  • reduction of repetition of unnecessary diagnostic tests
  • reduction of hospitalization time and inappropriate hospitalizations

The CardioTelephone service is based on the recording of short ECG tracks (usually around 30 sec, single channel) through dedicated recorders.

How is it performed?

Recently, the CardioTelephone service is generally based on Smartphone technology. With these devices, it is possible to record the ECG trace, display it on the screen of your Smartphone, and send it via email in pdf format to the CardioTelephone service.

The CardioTelephone service can be performed with equipment that is directly rented from our service (currently the WeCardio registration system is used) or the patient can purchase it directly (also through the iWatch system).

A recorded ECG is sent to the reference cardiologist, and the response of the doctor is given in the time and manner established by the contract.

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