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Dr. Felice Cosentino is a gastroenterologist and specialist in the field of surgery of the digestive system and endoscopy of the digestive tract. Former President of the Italian Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SIED), was the director of the complex operational unit of Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy Ospedale universitarioSan Giuseppe in Milan (2008-2019) and dell Digestive Endoscopy Unit'Ospedale San Paolo in Milan. (1980-2007).

Currently operates at Casa di Cura "La Madonnina" in Milan.

Author of such weighty works as "The History of digestive endoscopy in Italy", "The White Book of Endoscopy", "Complications of digestive endoscopy". He also collaborated with The World Organization of Digestive Endoscopy for the creation and distribution of the video "Endoscopic Terminology".

He is particularly interested in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system (gastroesophageal reflux, colon polyps, diverticulosis, digestive bleeding, abdominal pain) and the causes of bloating, which may be associated with various conditions (food intolerance, dysbiosis, intestinal obstruction, etc.). In this last sector, very relevant, he founded Microbiota Clinic in collaboration with a group of experts (microbiologist, pharmacologist, infectious disease specialist, nutritionist) for quantitative and qualitative study of intestinal bacterial flora in order to identify any imbalances and intervention using targeted therapy.

For more than 40 years he has been engaged in endoscopy of the digestive tract, having experience in all areas, both diagnostic and therapeutic. In recent years, to meet the needs of users, he devoted himself to the development of "non-invasive" treatments such as nasal gastroscopy (with thin noninvasive tool that does not require sedation), colonic (retrograde flushing of the colon before colonoscopy to avoid the classic "liquor") and robotic colonoscopy Endotics (one-time tool operating without pain and complications).

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University of Padua
Degree of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery - 1974

University of Padua
Specialization in General surgery - 1979

University of Milan
Specialization in surgery of the digestive system and digestive endoscopy - 1984

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Latest publications

Endoscopia Digestiva ’90
Edizione Masson, 1992
Felice Cosentino
The Standard Terminology of World Organization of Digestive Endoscopy
Collana video realizzata per conto della OMED (Organizzazione Mondiale di Endoscopia Digestiva), con traduzione del testo sulla Terminologia Endoscopica di Z. Maratka: 1) Termini e Definizioni fondamentali; 2) Esofagoscopia; 3) Gastroscopia; 4) Duodenoscopia; 5) Colonscopia. (Ed. Normed Verlag, 1992),
Felice Cosentino
Le Complicanze in Endoscopia digestiva
ISBN-10 8821423433. Masson, 1996
Felice Cosentino
La Storia dell’Endoscopia Digestiva in Italia
ISBN 88-900364-8-6. Edizione Area Qualità (Milano) 2001
Felice Cosentino, Luciano Ragno
La Cromoendoscopia
Editore Mazzucchelli, 2002
Felice Cosentino
Il Libro bianco dell’Endoscopista
Edizione Area Qualità, 2005
Felice Cosentino
Functional evaluation of the Endotics System, a new disposable self-propelled robotic colonoscope: in vitro tests and clinical trial
The International Journal of Artificial Organs 2009; 32: 517-527
Felice Cosentino
Robotic Colonoscopy
In Tech (Ed.) 2011 ISBN; 978-953-307-568-6.
Felice Cosentino
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