Stapled prolapsectomy (Longo's procedure)

What is it?

The rectal prolapse is resected and immediately stitched above the hemorrhoidal tissue. Mechanical suturers (Stapler) are used for this procedure. In this way, the prolapsed hemorrhoid is repositioned in its natural location.

Technical difficulty:
Average duration of the intervention:
40 minutes
Average duration of hospitalization:
1 night

When is this procedure indicated?

The intervention is indicated in circumferential hemorrhoidal prolapse of the internal hemorrhoidal plexuses. Using the old classification, now obsolete, it is indicated in the 2-3 and 4 degree prolapse where the hemorrhoidal prolapse is reducible manually. From the symptomatological point of view, the intervention is indicated when the symptoms alter the patient's quality of life.

How is it performed?

The intervention is normally performed in gynecological room. Instruments are inserted to collect the rectal prolapse above the hemorrhoidal tissue. The mechanical suturer is then introduced to perform resection-anastomosis of the prolapse. Small titanium stitches are applied which do not need to be removed and will not bother the patient. The suture is then reinforced with resorbable stitches.


The discharge is usually done on the first day. No special dressings are required. There are no points to remove. A rest of at least 10 days with abstention from intense physical efforts is recommended. Pain medication and laxatives will be prescribed for a few days.

Short-term complications

Bleeding, pain.

Long-term complications

Alterations in intestinal activity, recurrent pain.

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