Mobile dental prosthesis

What is it?

The more frequent demand from elderly patients regarding the rehabilitation of total or partial edentulism-not only to be able to feed themselves adequately and correctly, but also for the achievement of good aesthetics-is again due to needs imposed by modern society and the trend toward improving patients' quality of life, in light of the lengthening of their lifespan.

When is this procedure indicated?

A removable prosthesis is a prosthetic device used in cases of completely edentulous arches or those with a small number of teeth.  The characteristic feature is that it can be interred and removed by the patient. The purpose is to restore chewing ability, esthetic and phonetic appearance, a correct relationship between tongue, cheek and lips, and stabilization of residual dentition in case of partially edentulous arches.

How is it performed?

In order to achieve good results, it is crucial to re-establish, during the preparation of the prosthetic artifact, all physiological and functional parameters; after that, it is necessary to identify and customize the shape and color of the teeth and of the entire prosthesis to harmonize with the patient's face and bearing, which is facilitated by the presence of an in-house laboratory, fully equipped for every need.

Considerable help in the anchorage of removable prostheses, especially in individuals who have been totally edentulous for a long time, is obtained with the use of osseointegrated implants connected together by a metal bar, which allows the fabrication of prosthetic artifacts characterized by great stability (overdenture). 

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