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The Department is recognized as a Centre of Excellence with regard to the laparoscopic treatment of colorectal disease, oesophageal-gastric disease and pancreatic disease. In addition, the Centre has recently been recognized as a National Centre of Excellence with regard to care and surgical treatment of obesity, with almost 1,200 procedures performed each year.
In this Department of General Surgery, over two thousand surgical procedures are performed every year, more than 90% of them with a laparoscopic approach.
The Centre is a European benchmark regarding the pathology of the abdominal wall (inguinal and incisional hernia repair) with one of the most important international case studies.
In the Department, resection and ablation procedures are performed (radiofrequency or microwaves) to neoplastic disease of the liver, always laparoscopically.
Every year they also organize training courses that attract surgeons from Italy and abroad who have the opportunity to follow surgical procedures in the operating room and learn the surgical techniques performed.

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Notable advanced technological equipment

  • A fully equipped operating room is available for the Unit
  • Last generation high definition 4k and 3D and high definition 2D with InfraRed technology (for intraoperative ICG evaluation of organs vascularization and lymph nodes maps) minimally invasive racks are normally used
  • Last generation ultrasounds or radiofrequency tissue sealing energy devices are available as all kind of mechanical suturing devices 

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