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Istituto Clinico Beato Matteo

The Institute Beato Matteo was founded in 1953 and, initially, the main clinical activity was focused on the area of gynaecology and obstetrics, with particular attention to pregnant women and infants. At the end of the 1990s, with the acquisition of the facility by the Gruppo San Donato, there was a fortification of services and an increase in the specialist areas.

In nearly 50 years of activity, the Institute was able to significantly enrich and complete its healthcare offerings, thus becoming a key reference point for the city of Vigevano and for the whole nearby area. The institute is accredited by the Italian National Health System (SSN) and is characterized by a multi-specialized medical care offer. Located in a strategic position it is about 35 km from Milan, Pavia and Novara, and is easily reachable. The main areas of excellence are: Oncology, the Stroke Unit offering intensive and targeted therapies for the treatment of strokes, and Urology with two dedicated operating units.


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