Weight-bearing foot X-ray

What is it?

In addition to the clinical evaluation, the radiographic evaluation of the weight-bearing feet in two projections (antero-posterior and lateral) is of great importance. The examination performed in orthostatism, allows us to evaluate, in addition to bone morphology, also the reciprocal conditions of the numerous bones that make up the hindfoot and angular values. In particular, the most relevant are the astragalic inclination angle and the calcaneal slope. In addition, any calcaneal-scafoid synostosis should be observed (to be subsequently analyzed with CT or MRI).


When is this exam indicated?

The radiographic study of the foot is recommended in case the surgical option for the treatment of flatfoot is being considered.        

How is it performed?

The examination is to be performed absolutely with the patient in orthostatic position, in order to reveal the altered bone relationships and evaluate their extent.



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