What is it?

Trichoscopy, or scalp dermatoscopy, is a rapid and non-invasive examination used for the diagnosis and monitoring of scalp and hair disorders in the course of time, in particular all those pathologies that cause hair loss or thinning and alopecia.

Dermoscopy and videodermoscopy, both commonly used in dermatology to monitor moles and skin tumors, have recently been applied to the analysis of scalp and hair.

When is this exam indicated?

Trichoscopy is recommended in all forms of hair loss to support the diagnosis and evaluation of therapeutic efficiency as well as in monitoring the progression of diseases affecting the hair.          

How is it performed?

Trichoscopy involves the observation of the scalp and hair through the dermatoscope, a special lens that allows to view details of the scalp and hair at high enlargement. In addition, the dermatoscope is connected to a digital camera system that allows photographs to be taken and stored on a PC. The possibility of having digital photographs at high magnification allows to identify more accurately and earlier the signs of various hair disorders and to monitor their progress over time.


There are no contraindications.

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